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Persian carpet gallery


Our collection of rugs and carpets include designs and prints from a range of styles including: modern/contemporary; traditional; tribal/nomadic; patchwork; & our premium silk collections.


All our beautiful persian rugs are traditionally-styled and woven by expert hands in order to create magnificent, timeless and durable pieces that capture the essence of classic design and potent craftsmanship.


Typically, these rugs were woven in exotic nations hailing from the dusty plains of the middle east, but red carpet rugs also stocks luxurious styles, radiant designs, and pearlescent prints hidden deep within the asian nations of the orient. It comes as no surprise, then, why some of our customers grow profoundly attached to these rare artefacts: so enchanting is their beauty, so rich are their histories, so marvelous are the stories behind them and the tremendous tales they tell.


Let our rugs and carpets work for you the same wonders they did for kings & queens, the princes & princesses of the ruling past. Turn your home into a castle, your bedroom into a lush suite, and an open room into an inviting office of authority.


Gaze upon the riches that red carpet rugs has to offer you through our online gallery.